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About The Flaneurbanite

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Hello and welcome to Flaneurbanite's Urban Legends!

The Flaneurbanite is Shilpa Bhatnagar, an urbanist by education, a development and destination consultant by day, a writer and photographer by passion and an inveterate flâneur and city lover. 

Originally from New Delhi, India but now based in London, UK, Shilpa looks at the cities she lives in and travels to, through her city-trained eyes and through the lens of her camera - capturing fragments and rewriting the City in the true spirit of flânerie.
Shilpa also writes (guest and freelance) for various publications on Urbanism, Design and Travel.

A number of Shilpa's pictures have also appeared in print - supporting her writing, or elsewhere.

If you'd like Shilpa to contribute to your publication, or if you would like to use any of the pictures that appears on this blog, please write to her.

Please note that all the text and images on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0: England and Wales License, which means that you cannot use it for any purpose whatsoever without Shilpa's express permission.

All the material and opinions stated on this blog are Shilpa's own and not her employers' or any agencies or entities that she might be affiliated to, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Feathers in the cap:

Articles published in ForbesLife India, www.rediff.com, Times of India, and Londonist, amongst others. 

Online: Pictures published by Londonist to headline a few of their posts. 

Print: Photographs published by Televisual, a UK based print magazine targeted at media houses and producers, in the August 2009 issue.

Competitions / Exhibitions: Two images selected out of over 200 entries to be part of a 28-image exhibition titled "Slow Exposure", organised by Londonist and the Slow Down London Project at the Rays Jazz Cafe in Foyles, Charing Cross, London in April-May 2009.