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Photo of The Day / Caption Contest

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How funny does this look?

Funny Valentines at South Bank

The good folks over at Londonist have picked my photograph from my previous post as Photo Of The Day and are running a funny caption contest on it! I'm doubly pleased by this - one, of course, because they picked a picture by me; and two, because I'm quite a patron of wittiness myself and would love to see what people come up with. So please hop over and unleash your funnies on them in the comments section.

Also, if you live in London and don't already know about the Londonist, I strongly recommend adding them to your bookmarks - it's an excellent collaborative resource for what's going on around town - the quirky, the eclectic, the strange and hidden side of London that the newspapers won't tell you about.

Hop over now!

6 comments so far:

Shipra Chauhan said...


i 'hopped over' but posted my caption too quick, without a look-over:(((

shouldn't it read more like:
"At first I wasn't sure...but she is definitely beginning to grow on me!"


RednBlack said...

What's next flaneur? Where are you going this weekend?

Psychotropic said...

Hey! Brilliant...you little star, you!

BlacknRed said...

Forgetting the 11th commandment? Thou shalt not ignore thy commentors!

Shipra Chauhan said...

...ahem :)

Flaneurbanite said...

Shipra: Oops! Well, I guess they didn't notice the difference (until you mentioned it, neither did I!)

Psychotropic: Thank you!:)

BlackNRed: Hush! I'd never do that. :)

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