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The Street Furniture Series - Part 1

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As you walk or drive down London's streets, do you ever notice the furniture that makes it unique? Does the furniture invite you to sit or linger? Does it merge so well with the street landscape that you hardly notice it's there? Or does it stand out on its own so well that it makes an ordinary street a little less ordinary?

This is the first in a periodic series of street furniture that I've noticed, liked, disliked, found inspiring, interesting - or perhaps almost missed.

The Street Furniture Series - Part 1
Kingly Court | London

The Street Furniture Series - Part 1
Canalside 'stools' - The Royle Building at the Wenlock Basin, Regents Canal | London

The Street Furniture Series - Part 1
On the other bank of Wenlock Basin, Regents Canal | London

The Street Furniture Series - Part 1
Duke of York Square, Chelsea | London

Regents Canal36
Somewhere along the Regents Canal | London

Share your own links of and experiences with street furniture in the comments. :)

9 comments so far:

Bhavna said...

Kindly to unpluck the Regent's canal bench and ship to India.

Thanking you for the all the effort in advance.


Asmita said...

Fabulous photography. Enchanted by numerous moods created through photographs - each one has a different feel. Really looking forward to catching more of the same.


Celine said...

I really like the fish one!

Flaneurbanite said...

B: Sure, I'll "unpluck" it - and leave it right there. ;-))

Asmita: Thanks so much for dropping by and the appreciation!

Celine: Quriky, isn't it? :)

SloganMurugan said...

Bloody neat!

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks SloMo!

Beth said...

Have you seen any street furniture in use?

geetu said...

i loved the colorful one on Wenlock Basin, Regents Canal and the superb view of the Kingly Court's one!!! keep up the b/w one's. they really add a typical "british charm"!!
great aesthetic sense shilpa! so can i develop it too or is it a natural talent? ;-)

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks so much Geetu!:)

As for aesthetic sense and creativity, I firmly believe we all have our own way of seeing things and it is up to us how to use and/or enhance it. :)

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