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The India Chronicles | Another Life - 3

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We had to return to the lodge due to the heat, albeit on a high from our encounter with the girls. But we promised ourselves we'd stop by at the village again.

The next day, our our way back, I made the driver stop in the village so that I could click this beautiful path winding down the valley that I'd noticed the previous day while driving in. It took the eye almost as far as the horizon - it was truly stunning and this picture does not do any justice to it. Wander-bug that I am I would have set off down it, if I didn't have the better-half to restrain me and a deadline to get back to the city.

The India Chronicles | Another Life

I took several shots, and so engrossed was I that I didn't realise that there was a steadily growing audience behind my back. I turned around to find this.

The India Chronicles | Another Life

The children of Karapura, again. Curious, shy and bold all at the same time.

The India Chronicles | Another Life

And this group had a leader - an older boy called Shyam. Shyam spoke a few words in English.
"Tourist?" "Bangalore?" "Photo!"
He even told the group something to the effect of "stand straight and smile/pose"(in Kannada) when I pointed my camera at them.

The India Chronicles | Another Life

Good fun. And true to Karapura style, these kids gave us a very enthusiastic send-off ... running alongside the car, waving, laughing and yelling "bye bye" until we drove out of their sight.

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Mo said...

Fantastic pictures. I love the vibrant colours. You make the place look very inviting.

Mike Dougan said...

A very nice story across the 3 post's. The images, like the people are extremely colourful. Though I've never been to India I used to work with an Indian crew on one off the many rig's I've been on.

It’s a country I'd love to tour extensively but its size is deceptive, (the largest democracy in the world) but to see all of India would take more than one lifetime. Well there is always the next one and 3D Holographic cameras to look forward to.

I'm an infrequent visitor but I do like you mixing a story in with your images.

Erinn said...

Very beautiful images. The colours are so wonderfully saturated. It's also very interesting for me to see some of the settings and people you're coming across, given that this is the background I'm marrying into, and will hopefully visit India one day.

Flaneurbanite said...

Mo: Thanks for visiting and for your kind words. Karapura is certainly worth a visit - the Kabini swells up in the monsoon and the whole place is saturated in green.Plus, I guess you're already convinced about meeting the villagers after reading about my encounters :)

Mike: I'm glad you liked the images and words. The saturated colours in my photos are just a true reflection of how colourful India is! You should certainly take time out to visit - although, you're right about not being able to cover it or understand it in this lifetime. I don't think any Indian has achieved that so far, let alone a foreigner! :) Still, it's a country one absolutely must visit - and I can promise you you'll fall in love with it whenever you do.

Oh and don't worry about being infrequent - the great thing is you visit when you can and always leave some nice words behind. And I really cherish that.

The lomo shots are coming soon...Shhh...don't let the cat out of the bag! Oh well, I just did. :)

Flaneurbanite said...

Erinn: Glad you liked it! You're a lucky guy to be marrying into one of the most colourful cultures of the world! Although, I'm sure you'll have your fair share of shock and amazement too as well, when you get better acquainted with it. Heh heh. Would love to hear of your experiences and discoveries as you go along! And I hope I can continue to reveal more of the real India to you as long as I'm here :)

SD (Aspherical) said...

The final shot is the standout of the group - I love how serious he looks and how he's looking directly into the camera.

Flaneurbanite said...

SD (Aspherical): Thank you! He was quite grown-up and serious, indeed. And quite a poser, too! Thanks for dropping by, would love to have more feedback from you.

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