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Switching on Winter

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I love light. As a child, I was known to switch on all the lights in the house because I loved it so (and then get a lecture from one of my parents about electricity costs and wastage). I have an associated fascination for lamps and string lights and streamers and candles and tea lights and lanterns..even bright resplendent full moons. I can almost imagine The Significant Other nodding his head vigorously at this admission as he recalls all the times we've been out and I've been busy admiring the lamps and light fixtures in the place while he tries to talk to me.

And that is the reason why winter in London is a miserable time for me. The mere six hours of dull grey light in a day are just not enough for my soul and now that I am a grown-up, I also realise the significance of electricity costs and the ramifications of wastage and have to unhappily adhere to grown-up norms of prudent living. Pah.

And so, when they put up Christmas lights in London - although a bit too early - I'm certainly not one of those complaining. Last night they switched on the lights at Regent Street and Oxford Street and I was there in a flash, soaking it all in.

Switching on the cheer

Switching on the cheer

Switching on the cheer

Switching on the cheer

I wasn't the only one, though. The moon seemed to be taking it in too (much to my delight).

Switching on the cheer

Switching on the cheer

Switching on the cheer

I certainly needed the cheer.

(Another version of this was published on Metrotwin Mumbai and one of these photographs appeared on Londonist this morning).

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Joydeep said...

Ms. Flaneurbanite, you are a blogger after my interests. I love lights - christmas lights, lamps, shades of sunlight, the moonlight bouncing off quiant buildings in sleepy villages...sort of a light worshipper. I spent some time last christmas chasing chistmas lights in Oxford street & its neighbourhood.You've done a marvellous job in wrapping your thoughts around the images to bring the experience to life. Well done...must meet, must meet, must meet..............

Anonymous said...

I can understand not liking the darkness in winter, I hate it when its dark long before I leave work. But London in the winter has so much going on, its definitely my favourite time of year, even with the the lack of light.

Paul Nixon said...

I decided to move to India when, after two weeks of brilliant sunshine in Hyderabad, I arrived back in England on 1st December 2002. What followed was the greyest, dullest, most sunless December since records began. The following year, before I had chance to experience another dark autumn/winter, I moved abroad.

Nice to see the Regent Street lights even though they're probably not the best London lights I've seen. Your next assignment is to report back on Selfridges' window displays - with photos please.

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely lighting display!

Mumbai Paused said...

My son's first and favourite word is Light. He is obsessed with lights of all kinds including the moon which he calls 'Light'.

He would go berserk if he sees these decorations!

Lunatic said...

Nice snaps....beautifully captured images. :-)

Erinn said...

What I don't understand is why there is little of this done in my city, which is well north of London! It's amazing how some nice lights can liven up a dreary winter landscape.

I really like the last shot, with the broad neutral space at the top. The framing for the third one is really cool as well. The street lights remind of of a fly caught in a spider's web.

Flaneurbanite said...

Joydeep: Thank you Sir, and you seem to have interests after my own! Light Worshipper is the term. And yes, high time we met up! :)

photographyandpolitics: Good to see you here after a long time! Welcome back :) You're right - the best thing to do in London winter is to throw yourself, heart and soul into what the city has to offer - been doing a LOT of that lately (which is partly why I've been missing from the blog). :)

flyingstars: Thank you! And I really like your nick - a very fairy tale sort of feeling to it. Just what I need in this cold dark winter. :)

Flaneurbanite said...

Mumbai Paused: I think I'll get along very well with your little kiddo :)

Erinn: Good to see you here after a pause :) The lights certainly go a long way in brightening up the dreary winter around here. I hate it when they take them off in late January.

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