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Bohemian Spitalfields

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I have often wandered into the Old Spitalfields Market even when I don't quite intend to be there, and have ended up spending hours walking through and by the fashion markets and the vintage shops. It is perhaps the eccentric bohemian hidden in my closet that emerges to fish these scenes out.

Bohemian Spitalfields

Bohemian Spitalfields

Bohemian Spitalfields

Bohemian Spitalfields

Bohemian Spitalfields

If you like what you see here and have an affinity for the East End like I do, you might like the first few books listed on the right hand column of this page. As for me, I'm plotting my next escapade into the old notorious alleys of the East End. Until then.

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Mumbai Paused said...

Bloody colourful. More please!

Pradeep said...

lovely street photography!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Very nice indeed. I aspire to taking good photographs mainly by seeking the right frame. Your photographs are not just striking frames but also very textured and detailed. Love them.

if you have the time to spare, would love to learn a few things from you.


Siddhartha said...

Salaam Brick Lane is not on your list of fave books! Warum?

Manika said...

Hey Shilpa,
I was wondering why you haven't been posting more pictures on here? I miss them!


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