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Baker Street Underground

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Baker Street Underground Station, Central London. Inaugurated in 1863, it was one of the first underground stations in the world. This is the original tunnel, built for the Hammersmith and City Line, which still operates for the same line.





I clicked these on a late summer night in 2007. I think this is one of the grandest and most beautiful stations in Central London. The swanky new ones just do not compare. The Hammersmith and City line is creaky, frequently late and slow. That adds to the charm - but not in rush hour, I'm sure.

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Which Main? What Cross? said...

Awesome. Like from a movie.

SloganMurugan said...

I also wonder, how this station smells! -

Flaneurbanite said...

Thank you!

This station smells of fried food sometimes - from the snack stall located in the entry foyer..and mostly of metal and old brick. If those are smells :)

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