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The India Chronicles: A Mumbai Monsoon Part 2

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A Mumbai Monsoon Part 1

Sometimes clichés are beautiful, despite themselves.

The choppy Arabian sea in the stiff Monsoon breeze, for instance. The pregnant clouds hang low over the horizon, threatening to burst any moment. The stiff cool wind, laden with salt and moisture excites the sea - it seems to want to reach out to the clouds, touch it and make them unburden their precious fruit.

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

The Monsoon is more than just rain. It is a temptress that conceals a spell in its bosom, an annual cosmic ritual that tantalises the fantasies of an entire population.
The Monsoons are magic. A cliché, that never ceases to be beautiful.

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Celine said...

Ah, beautifully captured and beautifully said. I have been to Mumbai in monsoon season and I think you have captured the positive essence of it here. Well done!

Mumbeye said...

Nothing like the Mumbai rain. Or the monsoon on the west coast. beautiful!

Paul Nixon said...

I've seen the Sri Lankan coastal areas during monsoon but nothing in India... yet. Love the sky in shots two and four.

Flaneurbanite said...

Celine: Thank you! The sea is just stunning when it rains:)

Mumbeye: Thanks! I agree:)

Paul: Thanks! The sky was much more dramatic than that - I couldn't do justice to it. You must brave the rains to visit some coast in the rains - most beaches would be closed, I think but nothing compares to a soaking at Marine Drive or Bandstand in the monsoon :)

Erinn said...

The first shot in the series is quite beautiful. I'd be inclined, given m personal tastes, to say that it should be black and white, as it's dramatic, but the colours you've achieved for this series are quite rich and enjoyable.

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks Erinn! With the looming skies and the sea, it was a dramatic shade of blue and grey and I would have missed it in black and white - though I do see your point as well.

Thanks yet again for your comments - you always add something - a thought, a point to ponder over - and I'm really grateful for that! :)

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