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The India Chronicles: A Mumbai Monsoon

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The first sprinkle of rain on a parched city. After months of waiting, praying, watching the blazing skies for signs of the swollen black clouds that bring respite; bring life back into the trees, into the eyes and souls of the millions suffering the intense Indian summer.

Mumbai, the busiest, most crowded city in India glimmers in its freshly washed attire. Life goes on, but there's a sheen to the city - as the precious Monsoon quenches its thirst.

After spending a week in Delhi at a cruel and dry 45 degree Centigrade, the monsoon in Mumbai feels like Panacea. And even as I zip around the city revisiting the favourites in my memory, meeting people old and new, I greedily drink in every drop. Just like everyone else.

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

A Mumbai Monsoon

I revel in revisiting a Mumbai Monsoon.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Shilpa

Dipinder said...

Great pics Shilpa ... and very well written. Thanks. n*joy :) ... and hopefully see you soon in India.

Chailey said...

Nice to see some Indian pics. Monsoon has not really kicked off yet in Bangalore although we've had dark clouds and heavy rain in places. Power cuts are the order of the day. Perhaps you'll bring some of the Mumbai rain with you.

Favourite pics from the series above - India gate with the umbrellas and swirling sea, and the two children.

John said...

Much look forward. thanks :) Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay in Bombay.

~ J

Anjali said...

Love the ones with the fog on the lens. And the heightened colours of the ones where there are people and umbrellas...makes me miss Bombay!

SloganMurugan said...

Lovely pictures. And I'm headed that way, to wet wet Mumbai, this evening! :)

Flaneurbanite said...

slipperysurface: Thanks GW!:) So nice to hear from you on my blog. Would love your continued feedback :)

Dipinder: Thank you! Glad you liked it :) See you soon!

Flaneurbanite said...

Chailey: Thank you. Your favourites coincide with mine:) Bangalore is not as rainy but I'm really enjoying the weather here. Look out for lots of Bangalore on this blog soon. :)

John: Thanks! Oh but I did enjoy my stay in Bombay - I just don't like what the weather does to my hair there! And the noise of traffic got to me after a little while - but that was more about where I was staying in the city - right next to a major road! I love South Bombay to bits...it becomes all the more beautiful when it rains. :)

Flaneurbanite said...

Anjali: Those ones are from the shelter of a taxi, while it poured outside. Couldn't risk getting water on my lens :) I love the way Bombay looks when it rains...and I wanted to bring out how the colour palette mixes with the water. :)

SloMo: We made it out of Bombay just before the big deluge! Hope you're having a great time there despite the city being rained in. Must be quite an experience, though, and I'll look forward to it on your new blog:)

Anonymous said...

wonderful pics! especially with the yellow raincoat one

Flaneurbanite said...

partywithneha: Thank you! Glad you liked them. Do stick around for more - your feedback means much:)

Erinn said...

Wonderful, Shilpa. I love how everything glistens in these shots. There's a certain beauty to rain and post-raain shots, just as the sun begins to glow again. I also really like how these are all still shots of the city in action - nothing seems to top because of the rain.

Punk Princess said...

Wonderful pictures. loved the hues and hazy rain deluged surfaces. :)


Purely Narcotic said...

Lovely pictures. I love the smudged effect in some of the pics.

(I'm a little late on all my reading and commenting so you'll prolly find comments dropping in even for old entries. :))

Flaneurbanite said...

Erinn: Thanks! You're spot on about how nothing seems to stop because of the rain - Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps, never stops - so much so, that it has become a cliche now. I love the light of the sun glistening off the watery surfaces too. I don't think I could do a great job of capturing it though...I was struggling to click with one hand while I balanced a fly-away umbrella with the other! The Gateway shots are the only ones I could somewhat get right, and that is because my better half was holding the umbrella over me and the camera! :)

Punk Princess: Welcome to this blog! Glad you liked the pictures. Thanks for the kind words:)

Purely Narcotic: Thank you! Feel free to drop by this blog anytime... I love feedback and discussion - so feel free to comment away :)

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