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Urban Legends Is Changing!

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Just in case you were wondering, I haven't abandoned this blog! I know I haven't posted anything worthwhile here lately, but it's all for good reason.

Around the middle of last year, I started feeling that this little Blogger blog isn't allowing me to do many things that I originally intended to do here. It did great for a while, and then it started to stagnate. I needed more space and better space to do what I really wanted to do.

So, after months and months of deliberation, procrastination and self-doubt caused by a humbling lack of technical expertise, I have kicked all of it aside, and have plunged headlong into the world of self-hosted Wordpress.

Which does mean what you think it means!

Yup, I will have a new website in place of this little blog very soon!

It should be up in a matter of a few days from now, in fact - if all goes well and if I can manage not to crash it for the third time. (Having a partner who deals with technology in his professional life is a very blessed thing in such circumstances).

The new website will not only have all of this blog's existing content, but a whole lot more of what I do - professionally, personally (and passionately).

Thank you for being with me on the three year long journey that was this blog.

It continues, albeit elsewhere.

Stay tuned...

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