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On Londonist Again

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The awesome Londonist gave me a nice little birthday gift by using one of my pictures to headline one of their posts again.

Another London | Brick Lane Moments
Disapproving looks
Originally part of this post

Previous pictures that made it to Londonist - this and this

Muchos Gracias, Londonist and Sally B! That's about all the Spanish I can speak!

Another London will continue here, as soon as I can recover from my fantastic trip to Spain. And of course, watch out for a lot of Spain on this blog - you really didn't think that I would return empty handed from there, did you?

6 comments so far:

MK said...

Congratulations again! Great going. I love your unique and special way of bringing out the nuances of your city. Very original and creative. Keep it up!

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks so much, MK! Your feedback and appreciation makes it all the more worthwhile. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The Londonist has a good eye! :)

(Correction suggestion: "Muchas Gracias")

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks bigapplejuice! See, I said I barely know any Spanish - am very tempted to learn after this trip though:) It's a dilemma - French or Spanish? Or the next level of German? Sigh.

Celine said...

Congratulations! I completely agree with the first commenter. Keep it coming.

Flaneurbanite said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Celine!:) It's appreciation from genuine art and photography lovers like you that keeps me going:)

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